Hippolyte D.

Consultant Ippon Lyon

Black Belt achieves clearly defined goals that, in the end, lead to new skills symbolized by a belt. Black Belt allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and work on my soft skills".

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Recruitment process

1 Recruiter Phone Screen.

At first, it's about getting to know you, introducing you to Ippon and, above all, understanding your career path and knowing your projects!"

2Technical Phone interview.

There's a good connection on both sides, so you complete our Coding Challenge online. It's very simple; about 3 exercises of code in Java that takes about 1h to complete by hand.

This is not the right time - we do not have the right projects for your skillsets or you do not have enough technical expertise yet; in this case, we keep in touch for later :) 2bis

3 Onsite Tech interview.

In order to offer you a personalized path if you join Ippon, you meet a member of the HR team and a key account manager of Ippon.

You leave with a vision of both the values ​​we share but also projects that we propose.

4 Offer .

Two options are available to you:

The first: all the lights are green on both sides and in agreement with the technical and HR direction, we make you a proposal

The second: this is not the right time; we stay in touch through our blog articles, our events and we will try again later!

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