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Ippon Technologies is a Well-Architected Partner with AWS. Our AWS Workload Reviews can qualify you for a $5,000 service credit toward fixing any of the risks we identified or optimizing an AWS architecture.

What you’ll get with our 2-Phase Well-Architected Review.

1 -Assessment of your AWS workload(s) with a focus on the Five Pillars of the Well-Architected Framework :

  • Operational excellence - Deliver business value while continually improving processes
  • Security - Protect your information, as well as your customers’
  • Reliability - Meet demand, prevent, and recover quickly from failures
  • Performance efficiency - Best use of computing resources
  • Cost optimization - Get rid of unnecessary costs

2 - Report on performance metrics & Recommendations :

  • Oral presentation on the performance of your workload and
  • Recommendations on an action plan to mitigate the risks uncovered, based on your roadmap, timeline, and priority

If you decide to move forward with Ippon for the remediation, we’ll kick off an engagement that includes.

Why going with Ippon is a smart decision when it comes to AWS.

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