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John Walsh
Vice President, Chief Technology Officer - Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

In a context of increased competition, AWS helps to disrupt your market by allowing you to: accelerate time to market, implement new business models, bill in use, multi-tenant solution, ... All these elements provide ways for you to distinguish yourself from competitors while remaining budget-conscious.

Adopting the AWS cloud can provide you with sustainable business and technical benefits.

With Advanced Consulting Partner status at AWS, Ippon can help you achieve your business goals through the AWS Cloud.

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Our expertise


Cloud Transformation

The Cloud "Discovery to Delivery" offer, designed to accelerate our clients through every stages of their cloud transformation:

  1. Perform a maturity audit
  2. Define their Cloud strategy
  3. Build the foundations (CCoE, Landing Zone, ...)
  4. Empower their teams with Cloud and DevOps competencies and culture
  5. Review and optimize their workloads

Managed services

We build, monitor, manage and continuously improve our client services on the main public cloud platforms

We provide a catalog of managed services to increase productivity of our client feature teams (CI/CD stack, kubernetes cluster and automated deployment workflow)


Serverless Architecture

With its experience in end-to-end software development through its Discovery to Delivery offer, Ippon is now able to design modern cloud native architectures based on Serverless technologies

Re-Writing a Mainframe Software Package to Java on AWS - Blog AWS

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Our challenge

“It’s not just about technology! The key factor is your organisation”

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