User-centric approach

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Design studio.

Design Studio helps you to know and understand your users through user centered approaches from Design Thinking.

Our designers conceive experiences that meet both business objectives and user expectations.

Our approach is based on teamwork, co-creation and continual iteration.

Our designs and deliverables are articulated and enriched by the knowledge of 300 Ippon experts: engineers, developers, integrators, data scientists, agile coaches, strategists.

Our areas of expertise

Design Service

Provide a service / product based on the behaviors of actors who interact with the solution

Design & Performance

Analyze user behavior in order to co-design iteratively and be able to measure the impact.

Design to code

Because designing and having beautiful models is not enough, front end integration quality must be met. Front End Designers and Front End Developers combine to create Ippon's Design team.

UX / UI Production

Analyze, co-create, optimize and deliver


Structure the data to make it relevant and help decision-making.

User-centric is central to our approach.

Design thinking.

We decided at Ippon to use an user-centric approach because really while knowing the needs
for the users and their context we let us make experiences adapted to their expectations. We use the Design Thinking approach in our processes of creation and iteration.



Redefine a challenge and its solutions based on the usable tests feedbacks.


The Design Thinking begins with the empathy, the observation and user research.


A multidisciplinary approach, with co-creation methods.


Look at a problem since several perspectives by considering various solutions.

Driven by a prototype?

Connected with tangible representations of possible solutions.

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