JHipster Master Class (1 day)

#angular #gradle #hibernate #jhipster #maven #node #react #spring #vuejs

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for more information, please contact us via the address : sales@ipponusa.com

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We provide this customizable training only to our existing customers or new customers, on-site. Please contact us if you want to jHipsterize your employees and take them to the next level in speed-to-market and quality! T he training material was developed by Julien Dubois, Ippon's Chief Innovation Officer and JHipster creator himself. 1 day to get up-to-speed with JHipster, and know how to implement a full stack Angular/React/Spring Boot application using the latest technologies. This is a hands-on training: few slides, lots of code and demos.

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Strong knowledge of Java and JavaScript, in particular Spring, JPA and Angular JS.

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