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We live in an « Experience Economy ».

Today's companies face an experience-dominated market in which the stakes of competitiveness are changing.

The evolution of customers, as well as their habits and behaviors, makes it important to reconsider value propositions to remain competitive with more agile players positioning themselves elsewhere in the value chain and offering a new and better experience.

These adaptations lead to transformation programs that impact the overall performance of the company:

  • Customer-centric approach resolutely favoring customer knowledge
  • Fields of improvement of products, services and therefore sales
  • Improved productivity and therefore reduced costs,

Our areas of expertise.

Ippon has developed an offer to support these transformation programs. Thus, Discovery To Delivery is part of our "White Pages" programs:

  • Launch of a market line,
  • Launch of a new service,
  • Launch of an innovative innovative product,
  • Launch of a program of IT transformation, organization or redefinition of the customer experience.
  • Through Discovery to Delivery, here are the questions we propose to answer:

How should we deliver new products and services to our customers?

How do we optimise our User Experience through an omni channel strategy?

How do we map our Information System to the digital transformation of the company?

How should we deal with Time to Market requirements?

What Data Governance should be proposed?

Our method.

Ippon offers a different way of doing consulting by proposing a strategy implementation with a quick operational implementation. Our approach is a blend of strategy consulting and operational consulting, combining an iterative and incremental approach with a desire to quickly involve Delivery teams. In this era of economy of experience for which Time to Market becomes a strong marker, our engagements are calibrated to meet end-to-end support issues across the entire value chain:

Ideation to bring out new uses, Support for Product Management to define the product vision, Service Design to provide a service / product based on the behaviors of actors who interact with the solution. Validation of uses and technical stack through a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Sustainability of Go To Market via a Minimum Marketable Feature (MMF), Soft industrialization process BizDevOps approach to think about Deploying Business Reflections with Go to Cloud Recommendations.


Our interventions revolve around three axes:
We are convinced that a digital transformation program is first and foremost a program of cultural transformation. Success is achieved by combining the "Top-Down" and "Bottom-Up" approaches, demonstrating a commitment from the entire organization. The reflection and the action plan must include an iterative and transversal approach for everyone to express themselves and for the target to be collective. More than ever, this transformation takes place with the women and men of the company. Important notions such as trust, delegation and accountability will resurface with a real appreciation of the Leader-Leader versus Leader-Follower mode. Team spirit, co-construction, agility, collaboration are key to Ippon's success in the program.


Our team.


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