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Ippon Technologies' consulting division brings together consultants with varied profiles who all share a high level of expertise.
Common values ​​are excellence, pragmatism and listening.
Our main concern is to provide the simplest and most effective answer to the problems of our customers by relying on the best of what information technology can offer, in respect of context and constraints.

Our areas of expertise.

The Board of Ippon Technologies has developed its expertise around three major axes :

  • Modern Architectures

We accompany the modernization of your architecture by infusing the necessary components to make it scalable, manageable and powerful. Our goal is to support our customers in the implementation of a robust architecture and able to support the evolutions of your needs.

  • Devops and Cloud know-how

We are convinced of the benefits of automation of build and deployment tasks: reduction of errors, reduction of TTM, early detection of problems, facilitated diagnostics, etc. Our recommendations incorporate the best practices and tools to form the basis of your CI / CD platform.
Faced with the acceleration of the possibilities offered by the various cloud providers, we consider this approach to IT as a tremendous accelerator for our customers. Our expertise and certifications (AWS, Google Cloud Platform) allow us to provide relevant advice to support an open approach to the public cloud.

  • The data, from storage to treatment Data is now a very important part of our customers' strategy. Its exploitation, especially when the constraints

become important (volumes, velocity, ...) requires knowledge and adapted solutions. Our data consultants can provide an answer ranging from the definition of a platform by selecting the appropriate technical components, to the exploitation and the visualization of the data, by relying on a wide range of algorithmic possibilities.

Our method.

The success of our projects is based on understanding your expectations perfectly. We work with you to identify the real needs, and understand your background and your constraints through workshops specifically customized to your needs.
We then make our recommendations by taking your specifics into account, and we provide a recommendation as close as possible to the state of the art while remaining in harmony with your operation and desire to evolve

Our team.

Our consultants have significant IT experience in IT and have developed one or more specialties enabling them to get up to speed rapidly when working with our clients. The synergies we develop between our areas of specialty allow us to provide a coherent global response.
Capitalization is one of the pillars of the operation of the Consulting Center and our consultants invest a significant part of their time in enriching their knowledge and sharing their knowledge with their peers.

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