Managed cloud infrastructure

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The evolution of technology and the cloud market have significantly changed the way IT is designed and managed.
The maturity of different cloud providers allows the provision of solutions in line with the needs of businesses.
The DevOps movement brought a set of tools that significantly improve the management of application lifecycles. Containers and associated orchestration platforms have further amplified this phenomenon and become the new standard.

All these evolutions make it possible to create new services or to transform the existing one by answering in parallel to different stakes:

  • The reduction of Time To Market,
  • Quality improvement,
  • Financial optimization.

Your organization must be able to benefit from the latest technological developments in order to remain focused on value creation and customers.

Advanced Consulting Partner.

With its Advanced Consulting Partner status at AWS, Ippon is able to help you achieve your business goals through the AWS Cloud

Cloud, DevOps and managed infrastructures.


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