Agile co-construction

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An adapted Agile approach allows you to surpass yourself in the long run. We strongly believe in the benefits of a pragmatic, custom-built approach that is continuously improving. Our teams are there to help you initiate, strengthen and sustain your approach to achieve your goals.

Our areas of expertise.

We consult at three levels: for a team, a set of teams or individuals (specific or more generic).
Our engagements include production teams, marketing, ops, and stakeholders.

We work with multidisciplinary teams capable of implementing the end-to-end approach, as needed, and we also offer introductory training and workshops on the fundamentals and Agile approach.

Our method.

Our method is first of all pragmatic starting from your constraints, your stakes and your objectives. Once the framework and the criteria for success are defined, we adapt our approach by listening to and observing your teams before proposing realistic and pragmatic action plans including quick wins, the results of which are directly visible. Finally, implementation of a customized approach is done side by side with your teams, because the ultimate goal is to make you autonomous.

Our team.

Our team of Agile coaches / experienced trainers will assist you in framing and deploying your approach.

Beyond Agile coaching, our consulting experts will help you from the emergence of an idea to its concrete deployment in production, from Discovery to Delivery.

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