Discovery to delivery

With the ambition of becoming a leader in Digital Solutions, Cloud and Data, the firm assists companies in the development and transformation of their information systems with application performance and robust solutions.

Ippon offers a 360° range of services to meet all the needs in technological innovation consultancy, design, development, hosting and training.

Shared vision of your digital strategy

With client satisfaction as a principal KPI, digital transition provides a wealth of ways to improve products, services and thus sales but it is also a source of increased productivity and cost reduction, optimization of processes and organization and therefore the overall performance of the company.

It is with these convictions that we support our customers to deliver the maximum value.


Build the Right Product and Accelerate your Time To Market

Our mission is to help our customers create products that generate value and accelerate business.

Agile co-construction

For us, the agile implementation begins when imagining the new product or service.

Ippon is involved in transforming multiple organizations into scalable agile and also supporting clients across a project or program. We are convinced that these changes must be accompanied by a change in the corporate culture.


User-centric Approach

We specialize in innovation through user design: we combine strategic design and experience design to put the user at the heart of your innovative application

Scalable architecture

We love and take on technical challenges that stimulate and multiply creative ideas.

It is by maintaining our listening, curiosity and team spirit that we bring out the best solutions for our clients.


Very high quality software

We enjoy taking on technical challenges to make your decision. We examine your issues in detail to provide sustainable solutions. And together, we code the future.

$43M 2017 REVENUE

Valuable data

« Data is the new oil »
-- Clive Humbi

Data creates value and generates growth. Data, its history and its intersection with other data allows analysis of situations.

When leveraged appropriately, data can source simulations that provide a view into the future and validate models to define new strategies.

"We help our customers turn their data into value."


Managed cloud infrastructure

Moving to the Cloud changes the way you work and think. We provide you with certified architects, specialists in the design and maintenance of strategic solutions for your architecture and cloud development needs, so you can focus on your customers and your business.

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