Measuring The Impact Of Software Craft

What is software craft? Simply put, it is a movement that focuses on code quality as opposed to completing business features done as fast as possible.

It is crucial to use a measurement that caters to your target audience, and to be as factual as possible of its impact. Crafters do not care about code quality for the sake of designing beautiful systems; they care about code quality because it helps solve business problems, reduces cost, and enhances the developer experience.

How do we get the business to care about quality? And how do we measure quality?


About the author: 

Benjamin Scott, Software Engineering Practice Lead at Ippon.

Ben is a craftsman with over a decade of experience designing and delivering software solutions for a multitude of clients. He is passionate about Agile development and at aligning business with tech to ensure we built the right solution at the right scale. His clients include startups to Fortune 100 companies. He is a passionate mentor, a leader and a conference speaker.

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