Black Belt

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An inspired training of judo to boost his career.

Jigorō Kanō.

Founder of Judo

“It's not important to be better than someone else, it's important to be better than yesterday”.

Knowledge Learn and be enriched
Recognition Valuing and encouraging
Growth Progress and Empowerment


The goal of the Black Belt program is to personalize personal training and progression paths.
These courses allow both to develop techniques and attitudes in the many areas of intervention of society: development (Full-Stack Belt), agility, data, devops or cloud. During their studies, Ippon consultants will earn their belts like in judo, from white to black. The Black Belt is validated by a small group of masters (Sensei) and demands that a consultant be an excellent coder or architect (hard skills) but also an excellent speaker or trainer (soft skills).


No experience but expresses interest to start learning


Little experience.


Experience by practice.


Competent-several examples of missions or projects.


Good understanding-capitalization actions or training of other collaborators on the subject.


In-depth understanding, execution, and leadership in a field.

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