LendIt FinTech USA 2021: The Small Business FinTech Ecosystem.

About the event.

Ippon Technologies is thrilled to sponsor LendIt FinTech USA 2021 and the “Small Business FinTech Ecosystem” track!

Small business Fintech came of age during the pandemic. Fintech lenders became heroes as they single handedly helped millions of small businesses get government money quickly. Of course, many Fintech lenders also struggled and we saw the first wave of M&A hit the sector. Beyond lending, the SMB banking experience is rapidly changing as Fintechs provide a better and more “consumer-like” user experience. Where do we go from here? Can banks keep up with Fintechs? Will there be more consolidation? When will small businesses fully recover from the crisis? And beyond finance, what do SMBs really need?

Come join our discussion on April 28th with Kabbage where we will dive into how to approach the new breed of small businesses born in the Pandemic.

You can use code “Ippon15” for a 15% discount on the conference.

Born in the Pandemic: Serving New Digitally Native Small Businesses.

Description: One underappreciated impact of the pandemic has been the surge in small business creation. According to census data, the number of small businesses created in 2020 was higher than any year since 2007. These businesses, having started during a pandemic, are primarily digital-first and will have different expectations and demands than businesses started in other eras. How will the financial needs of these companies be different? What kinds of products will resonate? This session will dive into how to approach this new breed of small business.

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